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Web Design Packages

Reference plans for users with different needs.

Basic Plan

Company showcase web design
Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase company products and advantages to the public, making them feel professional and reliable, and obtain potential customer contact information online.


  • Basic setup: HK$3,000
  • Web pages (4 pages): HK$6,000
  • Suggested pages: Home, About Us, Product Introduction, Contact Us

E-commerce Plan

Online store
Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises operating online stores, enabling them to sell products and collect payments online.


  • Basic setup: HK$3,000
  • Web pages (4 pages): HK$6,000
  • Suggested pages: Home, About Us, Product Catalogue, Product Page
  • Online payment system: HK$5,000

Enterprise Plan

Large enterprise website
Suitable for large enterprises, it can list multiple categories of data and complex structures online.

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  • Dedicated 24/7 account manager
  • Customization & API integration
  • Enterprise-grade security

Transparent Pricing

Basic Setup HK$3,000

Multiple basic static webpage design templates
Responsive webpage design with cross-platform interface, supports mobile and tablet viewing
Multiple webpage image/video selections
First-year server fees
Google Analytics data analysis
SEO optimization
Google Maps positioning system
Social media platform links
Search engine registration
Webpage QR code
Supports one language
Supports different webpage browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (latest version of IE)

Additional Features

  • Additional pages


    Adding additional pages to increase the content and provide more detailed information on the website to make it more readable and understandable.

  • Additional language


    This approach helps attract a wider audience and makes the website more globalized.

  • SSL certificate


    An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that helps increase user trust in your website.

  • Company email


    Create and register a company email for contacting clients.

  • Instant messaging


    A system for instant messaging of text or multimedia files, allowing users to communicate quickly in real-time.

  • Online payment function


    Customers can use digital payment to shop and make payments online, with funds transferred to your account via bank transfer.

  • Membership system


    Create user membership accounts, record browsing history, and handle independent operations such as online payments and chats.

  • Search system


    When a user inputs an index, the system searches for and displays relevant information on the webpage.

  • Reservation system


    List available service dates, times, and locations on your website, and allow customers to make appointments.

  • Email subscription system


    Send promotional emails to subscribers, with content, sending time, and recipient freely customizable.

  • Coupon system


    Customers can obtain electronic coupons online or offline, and store them on their mobile devices for future use.

  • Advertising tool


    Analyze user IP addresses to increase advertising efficiency and identify malicious users.

  • Advertising software installation


    Install tools such as Google AdWords to display ads and earn revenue.


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